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What is ebook?

Ebooks are simply electronic books in TXT, PDF (for PC & Mac, iPad, iPhon and printing), ePUB (for the Sony reader, BeBook and other ebook readers) or MobiPocket (for Kindle, Mobile phones, Blackberry, Palm and other mobile devices) formats. You can buy or download ebooks for free and read them immediately so there is no waiting for shipment, no matter where you are: UK, USA, Australia, Europe or Asia. eBooks also offer the convenience of size and portability, you can store your own personal library of e-books on your PC laptop etc. The beauty of e-books is that once downloaded they are there forever. Ebook can be shared with friends and family ebook will not wear out and become ripped and in most cases downloadable e-book is cheaper than 'hard copy book'. You can find many web sites on the internet where you can download free ebooks or read ebooks online.

free ebooks is a free e-book site where you can find, read online and download ebooks for free.
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